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cormoo / May 25, 2022 / Info
Welcome to MooseCraft!

This server is a private server open to any current or former PHS student or anyone I personally know. Due to potential limitations on server capacity any other applicant will be rejected. In the future other applications may be considered.

This is a whitelist server. You must complete the server whitelist application found here:

I will review and approve the applications as often as I can!

Java AND Bedrock players can join this server! If you are playing on console you will need to do a few steps, follow the information here:

I have tested this on an Xbox Series S and it works perfectly.

Server IP:
Server Port: 25565

RulesServer rules can be found in game using the command /rulesbook

Server Plugins

Towny Map: This is a live map for the actual server. Yes, everything on here is up-to-date and does indeed reflect actual in-game map!